Thursday, February 2, 2017

All New HTC One to come with LED display case?

HTC will release a light-up case for its All New HTC One , according to information uncovered by @evleaks .

The Twitter leakers posted images of the cover, which seemingly comprises a simple case with a basic LED display. Information, including time and weather, is projected in different colours, and will presumably form an ‘always-on’ hub.

Pre-order sweetener
At the time of writing there’s been no confirmation from HTC, but the case could form part of any pre-order incentives for the handset. Having been announced at MWC, the All New device will land on 25 March .

The move would be in a similar vein to the recently unveiled YotaPhone 2. Although boasting a 5-inch Super AMOLED display, the handset also offers a 4.7-inch e-paper display on the rear, which uses less power and will continue to work even when battery charge is low. Users can get basic notifications much in the same way as HTC’s potential LED effort.

Google Play goodness
Elsewhere the firm has confirmed a Google Play Edition will also be made available. Having released the original HTC One in the purest form of Android , it appears the predecessor will follow and shed the Sense UI as well.

It seems the handset variants, which are available to buy from the Google Play Store, are becoming a popular choice, what with both HTC and Samsung making their products available in the last 12 months. There’s been no word from the Korean manufacturer yet, but it could be that the Galaxy S5 makes the Google Play cut as well.